Laura Halsey Design


Here's what clients I've worked with are saying:

"Laura is a first-rate designer who is easily able to shift from "big picture" perspectives (such as the meta-analysis of a client's corporate vision, mission and structure in order to create effective branding materials) to finely detailed projects. I have used her exclusively for the creation of all of our logos, printed materials, and web-related graphic design. 
Laura has a great eye for seeing what works with, or what appeals to, a given population. I will often give her a rough explanation of what I am looking for in a project, be it materials for a marketing packet or business card design, and she returns with a number of options for me, most of which exceed my expectations. Laura is extremely creative. More importantly, she is able to target her creativity to match the needs of a given project, and in the process delight her clients."

Patrick Przyborowski
Owner, Practice Fitness

"Laura is a strategic thinker and a solid designer. She possesses strong leadership and mentoring skills, and is very organized and thorough in her approach to assignments large and small. I would recommend Laura as a powerful asset to any creative team or assignment."

Ike Imhoff
V.P, Creative Director, Colleague

"I have known Laura for several years, most recently in my capacity as a vice-president at the school of advertising art. Laura worked as a graphic design instructor teaching both first and second year students. Based on Laura’s work ethic and passion for her work, I'd rate Laura's work performance as superior. She also has excellent design and verbal communication skills and is extremely organized, focused, and hard working. I have known Laura for a long time and would recommend her for both freelance or full-time employment, without reservation."

Matthew Flick
Vice President of Education, Creative Director, + Instructor, School of Advertising Art

"Laura actually worked at our agency for several years before becoming a freelance designer. In both capacities, Laura has been a delight to work with. She is very creative, listens well, has a great understanding of marketing and motivation, and always comes back with surprisingly well thought out work that clients love. I highly recommend Laura for any consumer or B2B design work you may have."

Denny Hayes
Ex Ad Wizard